3 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

3 Unique Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you stumped for what to give your health-conscious Valentine, faithful friend or co-worker? Well, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. For a change of pace and instead of the usual roses or chocolates, consider gifts that improve a person’s sense of health and well-being with aromatherapy products. Essential oils, essential oil diffusers, and such are all the rage these days and, for good reason. Aromatherapy enhances your health and sense of well-being. Each unique blend of essential oils can elicit different desired effects. So, a lavender blend helps you relax and manage stress levels, a bergamot blend lifts your spirits, while citrus and bergamot blends energize you when you’re feeling a lull in the workday.

With that in mind, here are our top 3 gift ideas. Select one and order it today so it’s ready to wrap and give to your special someone or friend.

1. Here’s a great gift for people who need more moisture and sense of well-being in the air—aromatherapy diffusers. Get them a unique LUVV Essentials Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser along with a couple of their favorite essential oil diffuser blends for their bedroom, master bath or home office. You simply plug in the diffuser, add water and a few drops of essential oil, and select the mode you need--continuous, intermittent or for a night light only.

The diffuser will gently and quietly disperse moisture and the heavenly scent of an essential oil blend of your choice throughout the room. The best part is that the diffuser automatically shuts off when the water runs out. It can run for 3-4 hours in continuous mode and up to 8 hours in intermittent mode. When used as a night light, it emits a soft glowing light in one of these soft luminescent colors: soft green, opal blue, rose red, sunny yellow, pure pink, sky blue, and white. Add a sleep mask or fragrant bath salts to the diffuser and essential oils and voila! You have assembled a memorable gift. HINT: You may want to order an essential oil diffuser for yourself because they are super cool looking when turned on.

2. A perfect gift for an on-the-go person is the pocket-sized aromatherapy combination pack that you can take and use anywhere, anytime. This LUVV combo pack of essential oil nasal inhalers includes the Relax Lavender, Happy Blend, and Sunrise Awaken.

RELAX is made from pure calming lavender essential oil. It helps relieve stress, headache, and migraine and promotes relaxation for deep sleep. The HAPPY will lift your spirits naturally with its cheerful blend of bergamot, peppermint, rose geranium, Roman chamomile, and cedar. It promotes calm focus, which can be a lifesaver at work. The third inhaler is the Sunrise Awaken, which has an uplifting blend of grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot essential oils. This blend boosts your mood and energy with citrus essential oils and reduces anxiety.

This combo pack is a great way to sample these three different essential oil blends and if you (or your Valentine) especially love one blend, you can order more. This would make a great surprise along with a gift card for a massage or a manicure pedicure combo at a local spa to complete the package. You’ll be a winner gifting this to your hard-working Valentine or stressed out friend.

3. Nowadays we all live such hectic lives that it can be difficult to consume all the nutrients our bodies need. This gift idea includes a combo pack of vitamin-infused inhalers that contains essential oil extracts, vitamins, and naturally occurring chemical compounds that boost your physical and mental health. These “inhalers” are a portable, innovative way to add vitamins and key essential oils to your body. They provide up to 360 inhalations for each inhaler and contain only the natural ingredients listed here with no nicotine or diacetyl.

The combo pack includes ZEN for relaxation, THRIVE for an immune boost, RISE for energy and focus, and GLOW for relaxing and rejuvenation. ZEN includes chamomile, valerian root, L-theanine, and passionflower, lavender, orange, geranium, and cassia essential oils. THRIVE has co-enzyme Q10, vitamins C, D3, B12, and A; and lime and zesty mint essential oils. Rise contains vitamins B12 and B6, L-Theanine, Taurine; and wild berry and peppermint essential oils. Glow has anti-aging ingredients to enhance healthy hair, nails, and skin with collagen, L-carnitine, glutathione, and B-Ionone as well as essential oils from peppermint, geranium, and cassia.

Since this gift idea is all about nutrients and feeling healthy, it would be perfect to combine with a gift card to a smoothie restaurant or a power blender so your Valentine can make delicious, nutrient-rich smoothies as often as they like.

Remember to select a special Valentine-themed gift bag, colorful tissue paper, and a card for packaging your thoughtful gift. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Remember to give yourself something special too. There is nothing better than self-care and using natural products that soothe your soul, relax your mind and body or give you an energy boost in the simplest way.