Benefits of Cedar Essential Oil

Benefits of Cedar Essential Oil

Thanks to its sweet and woody scent, cedar essential oil has long been a common ingredient in perfumes and other fragrance products. The fact that insects don’t find this scent nearly as appealing as humans do has also made cedar essential oil a popular means of keeping flies, mosquitos, and other biting bugs at bay.

However, the benefits of cedar essential oil go far beyond smelling sweet and driving away insects – in fact, using cedar essential oil in aromatherapy offers a number of noteworthy health health-boosting benefits, including benefits such as:

Improving Respiratory Health

Inhaling cedar essential oil has been shown to help clear up congestion and improve respiratory health, meaning that it is able to help combat the affects of seasonal colds and allergies as well as help with more long-term conditions such as asthma.

Serving as a Sleep Aid

If you are among the many people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night, cedar essential oil may be able to help. Cedar essential oil functions as a powerful all-natural sedative when inhaled or taken internally, helping to calm your body and mind in order to promote deep, restful sleep that lasts all night long.

Relieving Stress and Anxiety

The same properties that make cedar essential oil great for helping promote a good night’s sleep also make cedar essential oil a great natural treatment for relieving stress and anxiety. If you suffer from frequent stress or anxiety, the calming, relaxing properties of cedar essential oil may be able to help.

Combating Acne

Acne is a common problem and one that can be very difficult to cure. If you suffer from acne, though, cedar essential oil may be the solution that you’ve been searching for. When applied topically to areas of skin that have broken out with acne, cedar essential oil has been shown to reduce inflammation, lower the skin’s oil production, and clear up blemishes.


From improving respiratory health to reliving stress and anxiety and much more, cedar essential oil is a natural health product that offers a number of considerable benefits. It’s also a nice bonus that cedar essential oil has a sweet, woody, and natural aroma that you are sure to appreciate. For both of these reasons, cedar essential oil is a key ingredient in our HAPPY nasal inhaler.

If you would like to experience the many health benefits of cedar essential oil for yourself, be sure to try out our HAPPY inhaler today!