Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

Extracted from lemon peels, lemon essential oil is a citrus-scented essential oil that smells almost exactly like its namesake fruit. The result is a fresh, uplifting, and immediately recognizable scent that has made lemon essential oil a popular oil for use in aromatherapy. Of course, the health benefits of lemon essential oil have certainly played a major role in boosting lemon essential oil’s popularity as well. Just some of the health benefits that you may be able to look forward to when you start using lemon essential oil include benefits such as:

Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Numerous studies have found that the scent of lemon essential oil is able to help reduce the presence of certain stress hormones in the brain. The calming scent of lemon essential oil and its anxiety-reducing properties is certainly one of the key selling points to this natural health product and one the most appealing reasons to include lemon essential oil in your aromatherapy regiment.

Promoting Weight Loss

More studies need to be conducted into lemon essential oil’s role in promoting weight loss, and the jury is still out on whether lemon essential oil is actually an effective weight loss aid. With that said, though, early research has shown that lab rats who were exposed to the scent of lemon essential oil on a regular basis demonstrated an altered nervous system activity that contributed to the breakdown of body fat. With this being the case, lemon essential oil is worth trying if weight loss happens to be one of your health goals.

Improving Mood

Lemon essential oil is a powerful essential oil for combating stress and anxiety. However, it has also been shown to improve the mood of people who aren’t stressed or anxious to begin with. In fact, one study showed that lemon essential oil is more effective at enhancing the mood of those who are exposed to its scent than even lavender essential oil – an essential oil that is known especially for its mood-enhancing properties. If you would like to start your day out on the right foot, therefore, boosting your mood with lemon essential oil is an excellent option to consider.


Lemon essential oil is a natural health product that offers a number of mood-boosting and anxiety-reducing benefits, and it may even be able to help promote weight loss as well. As an added bonus, lemon essential oil also has one of the most refreshing and pleasant aromas of any essential oil. Thanks to these benefits and its pleasant scent, lemon essential oil is a primary ingredient in our mood-boosting SUNRISE nasal inhaler. If you would like to experience the many health benefits of lemon essential oil for yourself, be sure to try out our SUNRISE nasal inhaler today!