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RELAX Inhaler

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  • A CALMING BLEND TO HELP INHALE AWAY STRESS AND ANXIETY - LUVV RELAX is American made, with organic lavender oil. Lavender has historically been known to help enhance relaxation, and can help aid in stress and anxiety relief. The Peace and calming essential oils in our blend ease you into calmness with a gentle, but notable high note.
  • REFRESH AND ENHANCE BREATHING - Let the aromatic vapors of LUVV's natural essential oils in an easily used nasal inhaler fill your nose and help you open up your nasal pathways for enhanced sinus relief. Plus, the refreshing scents invigorate the body in harmony within the natural movements of nature.
  • ALL NATURAL, USA MADE AROMATHERAPY - LUVV is proudly Made in the USA, with 100% safe American made ingredients, each LUVV inhaler when used correctly will deliver pure and natural aromatherapy for over a month!
  • LOVE IT, OR YOUR MONEY BACK - LUVV was made for you, and we want you to have peace of mind. Order your LUVV nasal inhaler now, knowing that we back up all of our products with a 60 day, risk free satisfaction guarantee!